What is Acupressure? 

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It is an ancient healing art that uses fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin, can be done fully clothed with same results, to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. 

Acu-points are places close to the surface of the skin that are especially sensitive to bioelectrical impulses in the body and conduct those impulse thru the body along the meridian lines or pathways where the electromagnetic energy flows, connecting to all the body's organs and systems. Adding a certain amount of pressure to stimulate or calm the yin and yang and allow the universal energy also know as chi or qi or ki to flow again with ease, clearing blockages and knots.

It also gets the lymph fluids, blood, oxygen, etc circulating and flowing where there may be congestion. It also releases endorphins, neurochemicals that release pain. By pressing on an acu-point a message is sent to the brain if there is tightness and tension to release, which then is sent back to the area of tension and release happens. Dissolving tensions and stresses. Incorporating breath with pressure adds a greater degree of healing to occur.

Acupuncture and Acupressure use the same points, acupressure being the older of the two, was neglected after the Chinese developed more technological methods for stimulating points with needles and electricity.

Acupressure is safe and most effective method of tension related ailments by using the power of the human hand.

RELAXFAST! TM CHAIR MASSAGE, specifically designed to focus on the head, neck, shoulders, arms & back, release tension and stimulate you to go back to work, drive and carry on with your day with ease and function on point.

It incorporates Asian style massage techniques of Acupressure, Shiatsu and Tuina. Working with the 12 meridians and Pathways and Acupressure Points.

For The Employer

-reduced absenteeism, boosts immunity in self and employees
-increased morale and thus greater production
-the employee feels that the company cares about how they feel physically, mentally and emotionally
-greater sense of loyalty towards the company

For The Employee

-on-site service allows employee to take care of themselves during work hours without having to try to schedule this time outside of work hours which is quality time with family and friends
-it introduces the employee to acupressure and gives them avenues to schedule longer chair or table massage sessions outside of work
-enhanced sense of well-being